Read audience psychology

Trigger decision

Decision is your only objective

How important is consumer decision?
It precedes every purchase.

Decision is at every stage of the

Resonant messaging triggers decision and moves your prospects through the funnel and customer journey, with significantly greater effectiveness. PsyCom gives you the most powerful insights because they tell you why.

Marketing funnel and decision

Decision linked to every objectives

Decision satisfies every marketing objective.

Decision is your only objective because it precedes every transaction, engagement, clicks, and loyalty, propelling you to all of your KPIs. PsyCom is your unfair advantage!

Read your audience psychology using AI


Data Mining

ax3 mines data on your ideal customers, creating a sample. ax3 then cleans and enriches the data set.


Psycom Analysis

ax3 then analyzes the sample, extracting PsyCom traits, your key to triggering consumer decision.



ax3 outputs PsyCom Blueprints, the roadmap to engineering resonant creative that triggers decision across all clusters.



ax3 groups people of similar trait into clusters of similar psychology, allowing you to target across the spectrum of your total market.

PSYCOM: The 5 phases of new marketing

  • Phase 1

    & Data mining

    ax3 samples digital footprints of your audience and extracts their psychology.

  • Phase 2

    Psycom clustering

    ax3 segments your audience into clusters of common psychological triggers.

  • Phase 3

    Resonant creative

    ax3 outputs PsyCom Blueprints — your guide to engineering resonant creative.

  • Phase 4

    Testing & validation

    Test and validate your creative ideas for resonance to ensure audience response.

  • Phase 5

    Campaign strategy

    Narrow targets no more. Target your total addressable marketing in one integrated campaign.

Thinking is to human
as swimming is to cats.
They can do it but they'd prefer not to.
Daniel Kahneman
2002 Nobel Prize
Behavioral Economics

Work with us

Manzanita, the developer of ax3, partners with you to leverage our technology and PsyCom for your campaigns.

  • We use ax3 to identify and cluster your current and potential market (including competitors).
  • PsyCom Blueprints empower literally anyone to be creative. We can work with your team, your agency, or we'll do it for you!
  • Then we'll work with you on resonance testing, campaign strategy, and execution!

Get in touch with us to talk about engineering decision for your marketing!

Decisions you make daily.


Daily decisions on food alone.


Number of ads you see every day.


The amount of reality your brain filters out.


Can you remember even one? Less than 3% can.

If your creative is not resonant, it is invisible.

Who we are

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ax3 was conceived and built by Manzanita - a Tokyo-based team of neuroscientists, engineers, data scientists, and veterans of big advertising.